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Articles &  Partnerships

For your continued health and wellbeing we present these articles and recommended providers in the area.

Articles of Interest

An ongoing series of informational entries

Massage Beneficial in Oncology Care

Recent studies show massage therapy can reduce pain, stress, nausea, depression, distress, anxiety and fatigue, while improving health related quality of life for cancer patients. Read More

Massage & Aging

By incorporating massage into a regular healthcare regimen, many older adults find a better quality of life and additional relief from a multitude of health issues. Read More

Massage & Wellbeing

29 subjects who received 45 minutes of Swedish massage had an immune boosting response when compared to the 24 participants who received 45 minutes of light touch. Read More

Community Partnerships

J. Butler Re​iki. - a certified Reiki master in a blend of the Usui and Tibetan Reiki systems.  A safe place for healing to begin.

Cape Fear Community Accupuncture  Affordable treatments in a community  acupuncture clinic. 

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